Handouts at Parc and Habersham YMCA

Yesterday, SBM distributed around 30 backpacks and water bottles to a City of Savannah Human Services summer camp in the Parc housing complex. All of the campers were so grateful for and excited to use their new backpacks and water bottles for the remaining weeks of summer.

Today, SBM handed out around 200 backpacks to the summer campers at the Habersham YMCA. Since we were running low on water bottles, staff members had the idea of raffling off our remaining 75 bottles, which was a HUGE hit with the campers. The hundreds of smiles on the faces of the campers were the highlight of this handout. This was our biggest handout to date and, sadly, the last of the summer.

Thank you to every staff member at each summer camp, my various helpers, and most importantly, all of you who made this summer possible. Because of your generosity, SBM purchased and distributed 800 backpacks and 700 water bottles to campers across the city, with the $11,695 raised in the 2023 season.

Have a great rest of your summer!